Band Descriptions

25 Words

Old hand backline Rob Gifford and Trevor Lines join Matt Brookes (Accordion) and Beth Gifford (Viola) to create groovy, velvet tones and rough, thunderous vibrations.

50 Words

Veteran backline Rob Gifford (Chalktown, Stomp) and Trevor Lines (Bonfire Radicals, Molten Amba) join fresh faces Matt Brookes and Beth Gifford to create groovy, velvet tones. Impetuous Drums and Bass are layered with a bounty of self-penned tunes and cherry picked traditional gems played on Viola and Accordion with aplomb.

Workshops We Offer

  • An introduction to calling for ceilidhs (Matt and Beth OR Matt and Trev)

  • Music and dance: how to play for ceilidhs (Any pair)

  • Writing tunes for dance (Matt and Trev)

  • How to find chords that fit (Matt and Trev)

  • Exploring more exotic chords (Matt and Trev)

  • How to write harmony line (Beth and Matt)

Colour Logos



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