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Ceilidh // Barn Dance
Weddings, Parties, Fundraisers and Festivals


'Red Fox Ceilidhs'

14th May 2022

Veteran backline Rob Gifford (Chalktown, Stomp) and Trevor Lines (Bonfire Radicals, Molten Amba) join Nat Brookes (Capers and Japes) and Beth Gifford (Mrs Savage's Whim) to create groovy, velvet tones. Impetuous Drums and Bass are layered with a bounty of self-penned tunes and cherry picked traditional gems played on Accordion and Viola or Fiddle, with dynamic expression and lyrical phrasing.


Original material from each member of the band results in a plethora of self-penned tunes. Expect impetuous Drums and alluring Bass, layered with brooding, irascible viola and agile, bright accordion, each interacting with the others for a rich and varied texture.

We're available for festivals, weddings, parties and charity fundraisers.

We work with various callers but our absolute favourite is Lisa Heywood, who always calls gender neutral. You can find out more about Lisa and Gender Free Calling here.

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Who Are We?

Nat Brookes


Nat studied music in York, specialising in composition. Whilst they lend their beguiling accordion wiles to Take the Biscuit, in York they gigged regularly with Gypsy Jazz band ‘Corduroy Brookes and the Anchorsteam Collective’ on Fiddle and with ‘Bramble Napskins’ on fiddle and box. Nat first started playing for dance with ‘Capers and Japes.’  Nat writes compelling, hair raising tunes, and published 'The Tyranny of Jigs' comprising of 36 original tunes.

Beth Gifford


As a classically trained Violist brought up in English Ceilidh tradition Beth is inspired by the rhythm, shape and vibrance of traditional dance music. She is a young and exciting Folk Educator and a passionate upper strings teacher, with experience of a wide variety of age groups, from five to seventy-five. Beth writes songs and tunes in the traditional style and has performed with groups ‘Mrs Savage's Whim’ and ‘Anna & Beth.’

Rob Gifford


With over 30 years experience, Rob is a stalwart of the English Ceilidh Scene, first performing with ‘Flowers and Frolics,’ and going onto to play with other highly successful bands including ‘The Committee Band,’ ‘Stömp’, ‘Chalktown’ and ‘Gas Mark 5’.
Renowned for his ability to ignite a dance floor with infectious drum beats, Rob has performed at many UK folk festivals.

Rob is also an experienced workshop leader including the 'Stömp Bandit' project at Sidmouth Folk Week.

Trevor Lines


Trev is a seasoned bassist, equally proficient in both jazz and folk. In recent years he has played with ‘Molten Amba’,’Chalktown’ and the ‘Bonfire Radicals’ and recorded with the likes of Chris Foster. As a lecturer at Birmingham Conservatoire he has worked to promote the understanding of traditional music in the wider musical community.

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